The Durian Experience

The Durian

An H-mart opened up nearby, so we took a trip yesterday and ended up picking up a Durian fruit. We’d never had it before and were up for an adventure! The Durian came frozen – we let it thaw overnight so that its shell was a bit more pliable, and opened it up.

I have to say – the smell was not like dead bodies or stinky gym socks like some folks have written online. To me, it had a very heavy sulfuric / rotten eggs smell. It tasted good to me, but only if I held my nose. If I let the smell penetrate my noise, I simply could not enjoy it in my mouth at all. When I ate it, it felt like it stunk up my whole mouth – I had to drink something to rinse it out with every mouthful. It’s a savory kind of fruity taste. It was mild so I’m guessing it wasn’t super ripe.

The smell doesn’t let loose as soon as you open it – it took a few minutes for us to fully absorb it. Note that Ray enjoyed the durian a whole lot more than me – the smell didn’t really bother him at all!

The Durian

We made some videos of the opening of the durian and the aftermath:

The Durian Experience, Part I

The Durian Experience, Part II


2 thoughts on “The Durian Experience

  1. Here in Brazil this fruit is fairly common, and usually they are bigger, the one you guys bought is kinda small. It tastes OK, but the whole experience of eating it is too messy for me. Oh, and the fact that the fruit was delivered frozen to your house probably affected the flavor – these things are better to be consumed fresh.

  2. Never ate durians, not sure I even saw them… definitely not as big as yours, maybe a very small version, but not sure abut that. However, your video didn not made me curious to try 😀

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