Thai Green Curry Plantains with Peppers and Shirataki Noodles (Also, Persimmons)

Today we dropped by our local food co-op and saw two Fuyu persimmons. They looked cute, and we’d never had fresh persimmons before (we have had dried) so we decided to give them a try.


According to Wikipedia, they are peeled before eating, so we did just that. I diced them up and served them in a cute little ramekin. Pretty good! They have a sweet, kind of apple-y / pear-y flavor.

We also picked up a single browned plantain to pair with our already browning plantain we had leftover from our Tostones experiment, so we decided to do a curry with them, with a twist – we’d use Thai curry.

Thai Green Curry Plantains with Peppers and Shirataki Noodles

Thai Green Curry with Plantains and Peppers

First get all of your dicing and slicing out-of-the-way. Then spray a skillet a couple of times with the oil sprayer, and let it heat up. Toss in most your diced onions and the white parts of the scallions. When the onions start to brown, toss in your rounds of plantains and let them get good and brown. You may need to add a bit of water – maybe 1/4 cup, to keep them from sticking.

While your plantains brown, pour 2/3 cup of the light coconut milk into a small sauce pot. (We poured out the rest of the can into tupperware for later use.) Add 1 cup of water and 2 Tbsps of Thai green curry paste. Heat the coconut-curry mixture on low for maybe 10 minutes. We also tossed the frozen bell peppers into the coconut milk so they would thaw, and we also tossed the green parts of the scallions in as well. Stir occasionally.

Once the plantains have browned, add in the broccolini and chopped cabbage. Add more water as needed to keep the mixture moist. Once the greens have cooked, transfer the plantain, broccoli, and cabbage mixture to a plate or bowl temporarily. Open the package of shirataki noodles and toss them into a colander or strainer, and rinse them well with cold water. Toss what’s left of the diced onions in the pan, let them brown a bit, then toss in the rinsed shirataki noodles. Keep them in the pan until they start to brown, 8-10 minutes.

Once the shirataki noodles have browned, toss the plantain, cabbage, and broccolini mixture back into your skillet, and also pour in your coconut-curry mixture. Cook another 5 minutes or so, and you’re done. Serve with sprinkling of dried basil and garnish with fresh basil leaves (we only had a couple to spare since our basil plant is a bit stunted at the moment.) Or if you’re lucky enough, serve with all fresh basil leaves. 🙂

Note: if we had some available we would have tossed some freshly-rinsed mung bean sprouts on top to serve to make this even more delicious.

  • Servings: 2
  • Weight Watchers Points: 5 per serving

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