Indian Lentil, Portabella, and Silken Tofu Wrap

Lentil, Portabella, and Tofu Wrap

We wanted a quick and easy dinner tonight, so we used Tasty Bite Indian Jodhpur Lentils, which come in boxes conveniently portioned for two, to help make this a very quickly-cooking meal. The Jodhpur Lentils took 2 minutes in the microwave. Ray sauteed half a diced shallot, then added chunks of a single Portabella mushroom and browned half a package of cubed Nori Mu extra-firm silken tofu in an iron skillet. Once the tofu was nicely browned, we poured the heated lentils into the pan and stirred them together for a bit, so the tofu and mushrooms would sponge up the yummy yellow lentil curry flavor.

Meanwhile, I wrapped two whole wheat + flax wraps in alumnium foil and we heated them up to be nice and warm. Then we laid each wrap on a plate and covered it in fresh baby spinach leaves. I also added a tablespoon of fat free Greek yogurt to mine. Finally we added the curry mixture into the wrap.

It was delicious, but messy. Took about 15 minutes.

Weight Watchers Points: 4 points per wrap (1 point tofu, 1 point wrap, 2 points lentil mix.)


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